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The ClubFrocals Vision

Frocals comes from a combination of 'Fresh' and 'Local'. ClubFrocals is club for fresh and local produce. Become a Frocal today.

Frocals is about providing the direct link between the farmer, the locally grown produce and the consumer. At ClubFrocals we are creating a community that brings together the local producer and consumer to provide many advantages and includes:

- The freshest and the best tasting fruit and veg. In most cases our customers have their produce within a few days of it being picked. This means that the fruit and veg is naturally tastier and has a longer shelf life resulting in less waste.

- Knowing where your produce is from, the name of your farmer, what went into producing your food.

- Providing feedback to our farmers as our membership grows so we can guarantee farmers a market for their new crops so they have the confidence to diversify without having to worry about whether they will get a high enough price to cover costs.

- Removing all the middle men and associated costs with transport, warehousing, reselling (two or three times), marketing and supply and demand fluctuations which means that we can move to a fixed price structure for produce (we are already doing this with our current farmers). This will result in lower prices for consumers and more money in the farmers pocket.

- Provide a customer focused experience for the grower and consumer saving time and money.

These are just a few of the advantages our Vision at ClubFrocals. So how can you help?

Well if you are as excited about this as we are then get involved by finding out more or joining up at clubfrocals and let your family and friends know about us so we can create a real paddock to plate experience.

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